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Air Dragon 12 Volt Portable Air Compressor
Air Dragon 12 Volt Portable Air Compressor

Air Dragon 12 Volt Portable Air Compressor

Air Dragon 12 Volt Portable Air Compressor

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The Air Dragon 12 Volt Portable Air Compressor gives you plenty of air when and where you most need it; out on the road. Designed to take with you in your vehicle, this hand-held air pump is light and portable and comes with a 14-foot cord equipped with an adaptor that plugs into your cigarette lighter socket, so you will never be stranded with low tire pressure again.

The air compressor can inflate car tires in minutes, but it is also ideal for motorcycle tires and bike tires. A flexible 5-inch air hose adapter allows easy attachment to valve stems at any angle. Included ball adapter and small inflatable adapter allows you to inflate sports balls, pool toys, or air mattresses. Plus, a built in digital pressure gauge allows you to PRE-SET the pressure you want. The Air Dragon will automatically stop when it reaches the pre-set pressure so you won't over inflate.

With the Hand-Held Air Pump in your trunk you will never dump quarters into an air pump at a service station again.

Features & Benefits:
- Inflates car tires, bike tires, sports balls and more
- Lightweight and portable
- Plugs into car lighter
- Flexible 5-inch air hose adapter
- 2 additional tips for balls and inflatables
- Auto-Shut Off when desired pressure reached or 10 min.
- Built-in digital pressure gauge
- Trigger safety lock
- 14 foot cord stored in base
- 2 pounds total weight

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