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Mighty Sweep - The Automatic Spinning Broom
Mighty Sweep - The Automatic Spinning Broom

Mighty Sweep - The Automatic Spinning Broom

Mighty Sweep - The Automatic Spinning Broom

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The Mighty Sweep is the quick and easy way to clean floors!

This cordless, lightweight sweeper uses a Tri-Brush technology of three rotating brushes to collect and capture anything in its path! Much like how a street sweeper works.

It can be used on any hard surface. Great on hardwood, tile, linoleum, laminate, marble, travertine, and more. Great for garages too! Try it outside on your walkways... you'll love it.

Use it for picking up all kinds of debris like dirt, pet hair, crumbs, glass, dust. It's so easy to use... just as easy as pushing a broom. Best thing is there's no bending down and struggling with a dust pan. Your hands will never have to touch the dirt because of the built-in, easy empty dirt bin.

The motorless design requires no cord or batteries.

- Tri-Brush Technology
- Easy Reach Bristles
- Ultra Lightweight (under 2 pounds)
- Cordless - No Batteries or Electricity Needed!
- Swivel Action - Goes in Any Direction
- Built-In, Easy Empty Dirt Bin
- Collects all kinds of Debris (dirt, pet hair, crumbs, glass, cat litter, etc...)
- Works on Hardwood, Tile, Linoleum, Laminate, Concrete and more...
- Telescopic Handle
- Easy Storage
- Quiet and Easy To Use
- Sweeper Dimensions: 13" W x 6" D
- Handle Dimensions: 3 feet 7 inches fully extended.
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