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Stunning 30 Bulb Solar Icicle Lights
Stunning 30 Bulb Solar Icicle Lights

Stunning 30 Bulb Solar Icicle Lights

Stunning 30 Bulb Solar Icicle Lights

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Create a dramatic and stunning lighting on your home easily and affordable. We're talking about lighting that will make your neighbors say "WOW!"

These Icicle Lights look like real water drop icicles but each one has led lights embedded.

These add pizzazz to your home, whether you are using them in your garden, lawn, patio, a party. Use them during the holidays or all year round. And they are totally awesome for an outdoor wedding!

There's no worries or mess of electric wires and outlets, while the Solar Recharging Battery reduces your energy costs. You can place these virtually anywhere as long as the sun can hit the solar panel. They charge during the day and automatically illuminate the night for approximately 8 hours when fully charged.

You can choose from either all White bulbs or Multi-Colored. Either choice has 30 LEDs on a 17 foot string (10 ft. light to light with 7 ft. lead wire from first light to panel). There's also two functions. Switch from Constant on or Flashing mode.

Each Set Includes: 30 LED Icicle String Light, solar cell, built-in rechargeable battery, mounting hardware, and a plastic ground stake.

- Choose from White or Multi-Colored
- Easy Installation - No Wires, Plugs or Outlets
- Solar Powered... charges all day, shines all night
- Water and Weather Resistant
- Can Be Placed Anywhere In Direct Sunlight
- 2 Functions: Constant or Flashing
- 8 hours working time after fully solar-charged
- 30 LED Bulbs
- Total Length: 17 feet - Illuminated Length: Approx 10 feet
- Each Icicle LED is approx 3" long
- Ni-mh 800mah AA battery
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