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The Hover Cover: Magnetic Microwave Splatter Guard
The Hover Cover: Magnetic Microwave Splatter Guard

The Hover Cover: Magnetic Microwave Splatter Guard

The Hover Cover: Magnetic Microwave Splatter Guard

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This splatter guard keeps your microwave mess-free, and the best part: it's always ready to go! Simply "hover" the magnetic bowl-shaped lid to store it in your microwave. Then pull it down to "cover" your food and prevent spatters.

No more using up paper towels, upside down plates, or bulky covers that take up so much room. Built-in steam vents prevent soggy reheated food. It will even help keep food warm outside the microwave; it's large enough to cover most dinner plates.

The patent-pending design features polymer-encased magnets that are perfectly safe to use in any microwave! It's made of a lightweight food-safe plastic, and you can even toss it in the top rack of the dishwasher to clean it.

Note: Your microwave MUST have a flat metal top surface in order to utilize the magnets.

Features & Benefits:
- The Original Patent-Pending Hover Cover
- Attaches to Microwave Roof When Not In Use
- Microwave-Safe Polymer-Encased Magnets
- Just Pull Down to Cover Foods
- No More Messy Microwaves
- Dishwasher-Safe, Food-Safe and BPA-Free
- Stays Cool To The Touch
- Built-In Steam Vents
- Dimensions: 1ft Diameter x 3.5in

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